Season of Giving

Fall cleaning!! It’s a new season (though it doesn’t feel like it here in Texas) and I’m feeling like a big change is coming in my life. I went through my closet and and drawers and low and behold, I felt ashamed. All of these clothes that I don’t wear, don’t plan to wear and have never worn, just sitting/hanging there, begging to be worn.

Since I am going to the homeless shelter this week, I figured, why not get rid of these clothes and let someone else put good use to them? So, after many hours of trying on and doing laundry, this is what I chose to give away. That’s a lot of clothes, I know, but at least I’m giving them away.

I am blessed to have had all of these clothes and now, someone else will. That’s not all either.

A couple of days ago, I baked my infamous gingerbread cookies to give out to the homeless as well.

I felt in my heart that this holiday season, I have to give back. There are so many people who are less fortunate than me and I need to give and make someone else’s life better.

While you’re with family and thinking about how blessed you are, think about blessing someone else.

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