Yoga and Veganism

I took this photo today to represent who I am and also because of who I was. I have always been self conscious about my body and that made me unsure of myself and whether or not I was good enough. I’ve always been on the thick side and in love with food.

A little over two years ago, I became vegan and that changed everything. I lost a lot of weight at first, but that was not my intention. It was for my healthy. Little did I know it became more than just about my health. Because I was feeling better physically, I felt better mentally. My mind and body were clouded by toxins and I couldn’t see what I was doing to my body.

My eating habits contributed greatly to my mentality and my aching body. When I transitioned to being vegan and started practicing yoga more, I fell in love with my body and who I was becoming. I’ve changed so much in the past couple of years and those two reasons are why. I am thankful for that.


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