Why Can’t I Get A Job?

I have been applying to jobs for the past year or so to find something that would help me out on my bills. I’ve tried admin, HR, clerical, anything related to assistant work, which I have years of experience in.

I didn’t want to come to the conclusion that it was because of my skin, name and hair, but I have to result to that.

When I graduate from college, I was for sure that I was going to get a job working for a magazine or newspaper. I majored in journalism because I love to write. Little did I know that that particular field is hard to get into, even when your professor is the editor of the local newspaper. I couldn’t even get an internship with the Forward Times, Houston’s oldest black newspaper, and they gave me a $1000 scholarship. I guess they figured that was good enough when helping out the black community.

Fast forward to the summer of last year, after complete my AmeriCorps term, I applied like crazy. I have been in several interviews and some haven’t even had the decency to notify me that they went with someone else.

I began to think was it my social media? I checked that and it was clean. Was it my resume? Nope, resume is perfect. What else could it be?

Then it hit me, is it my name? Because obviously you know my ethnicity when looking at my name. Then I began to replay past interviews and most of the interviewed stared at my then natural Afro the entire interview.

The real kicker, I had an interviewer tell me that I was not what they imagined after hearing me on the phone, that I didn’t match my phone voice. Was it because to them with my articulation and annunciation, that I sounded white? Can black people not be articulate and have an advanced vocabulary?

I was kind of taken aback when I was thinking about these things. Why is it that no matter my credentials and qualifications, I am just seen as a black woman? I have a BA and years of experience, but to white employers, who need someone with my background, they can’t hire me because I’m black and I wear my natural God given hair.

This is why I made a plan and started to go into business for myself, make those employers regret not hiring me. I know my worth and I know what I’m capable of.


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