My On-the-Mat Essentials


Yoga is very dear to my heart. I practice it everyday and I am currently doing a yoga challenge on IG, so head on over there to join. It’s never too late. When I get on the mat, there are things that have to be in close proximity. I always have these things with me and I will add where you can buy them.

  1. Yoga Mat

This is a no brainer. Clearly you need one and you can get these anywhere. I’m not sure where mine came from because my mom got it for me years a go and we are still going strong. I am in the market for a new one, so if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section.

2. Yoga Purifying Mist

I use this before and after I get on the mat. A friend of mine owns her own business and makes vegan beauty products. She knows how much I love yoga and knew that this was an essential item. It not only disinfects your mat, but it also purifies the air around you. Doing yoga involves a lot of breathing, so you want to breathe in pure are, right? Check out her website, All Things Jazzie, and her etsy page, Ohh So Jazzzie. You can find this product here.

3. Heart Chakra Balancing and Healing Mist

Yoga also involves meditation and being aware of your body, as well as aligning your chakras. It is more than just doing poses. You’re becoming in tune with yourself. You can find this here.

4. Monogram Blanket

Ok, truth moment. I have really bad knees from being a dancer since the age of three, and they got worse once I joined the dance team in high school. That being said, some poses are really hard on my knees to the point of severe pain. I use a blanket, folded thickly, to cushion my knee. My mom had this made when I went off to college at JcPenny.

5. Zen Chi Yoga Blocks

I am not a pro yogi, so I do require assistance with some poses. These come in handy when my head doesn’t reach the floor or my hands are quite flat on the floor. I am so thankful for these. I bought these off Amazon, which you can click here to buy them.

6. Fit Spirit Yoga Strap

I am still working on flexibility and I swear by yoga straps. They are a necessity when your foot can’t come that far or your hands don’t quite connect. You can find these here.

These are the things I always have by my side when I get on my mat. I also have a large bottle of water.

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