What is Success? #businesswoman


Before I tell you what success means to me, take some time and think about what success means to you. Here are some questions to ask yourself:
1. Am I money hungry? If yes, why and what will having more money truly solve in the end?
2. Am I waiting for the right person in order to be happy? Why am I not happy by myself? Do I have inner issues I need to resolve with myself in order to be happy?
3. Am I enraptured with material things? How can I let go of them?
4. Am I doing what I love? If no, why not?
5. Am I working towards achieving at least one goal? If no, how can I change my habits, mindset and priorities?
6. What does success mean to me?

Answer these questions and then revisit them a month or two from now and ask them again. See if your answers have changed. If so, that’s amazing! If not, that is okay. Try to change some things around in your life.


Success can mean different things to different people. If you ask people what it means, you may get answers like money, fame, fortune, nice cars, big house, etc., mainly material things. Then you have those, like myself, who success means none of those things. I’m a none materialistic person, so if you ask me what success means, here a some things I would say.
1. Freedom.
What I mean by this is the freedom to do what I love. Being able to wake up every morning and blog about something that I have experienced or am going through in order to help someone else. Freedom to know that I don’t have to clock in anywhere or worry about being fired. Freedom to sit in my pajamas all day and work for myself. Not living check to check, or worrying about missing days of work because I won’t get paid.
2. Financial stability.
This is something I severely struggle with now; not having enough money to pay my bills or get my car fixed. I know many people my age (27) are still living at home to save money to move out, or they aren’t making enough money to be able to survive on their own. Being able to survive on your own and not worry about your next check, whether or not your car will make it, unforeseen incidents, or what have you, is a part of success. Knowing that you don’t have to worry about money, but you aren’t balling either. You aren’t money hungry, but your are satisfied and comfortable.
3. Stamp of approval.
I blog in order to inspire and help others through their journey through my experiences. When I have people telling me about how I helped them through whatever situation they were going through, that is success. That is telling me that my purpose for doing what I love and what I am passionate about is working. My purpose is reaching the right people at the right time. My intent is getting through to my audience.
4. Goals being met.
I have set a few goals for my life, not too many. All of them are achievable, meaning they are realistic. Each time I achieve a goal, I deem that success. I was successful in achieving that goal, no matter the hard work and dedication that went behind it. That feeling of succeeding is mighty rewarding. Often times we don’t see reaching goals as success, but rather it as a hurdle to the next goal. This is called a milestone, which is too a goal and reaching it is success, if that makes sense.
5. Happiness.
I have heard time and time again that money can solve all of your problems and make you happy. This could not be any further from the truth. Money does not make you happy. When you find something that you love doing and have so much passion for, that is happiness. Doing what you love, submerging yourself in it and surrounding yourself with people who support you, creates happiness. You have to find happiness within yourself in order to be happy. Many people depend on others and material things to make them happy, but people and things can go just as fast as they came.


Simply Moniqua

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