#GirlLove: Supporting Female Business Owners


Y’all may not know, but there are some seriously influential women on social media. In part with Lilly Singh, aka iisuperwomanii, I am spreading some #girllove and shouting out all of the influential women I know and have the pleasure of following and helping me along with my businesses. These women are amazing and brilliant at what they do. If it wasn’t for them and their businesses, I would’ve given up on my blog and bath and body line. Below is a list of these beautiful, hard working women and how to follow them.

Uwanma Odefa – uwanma.com (Social Media: @uwanma)

Ashley Coleman – writelaughdream.com (Social Media: @writelaughdream)

Kayla D Brooks – thekbcrew.com (Social Media: @_kdbrooks)

Mattie –  mattieologie.com (Social Media: @mattieologie)

Maya Elious (Mattie’s sister) – mayaelious.com (Social Media: @mayaelious)

Emmelie De La Cruz – thebrandingmuse.com (Social Media: @EmmelieDeLaCruz)

Jazzie Moore – jazzzierenterprises.com (Social Media: @jazzzierthruwelness)

Mahalia Adams – haliedee.BlogSpot.com (Social Media: @haliedee_luv)

Jacque Amadi – jacqueamadi.com (Social Media: @jacqueamadi)

Amber Janae – whoisamberjanae.com (Social Media: @whoisamberjanae)


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