New Year, Same You: Let’s Be Honest


I know every year we make some sort of resolution to change something, stop doing something or to do something. How many of us really stick to it through the entire year? I’ll wait…None? That’s what I thought. Many times we don’t stick to our resolutions. You want to know why? They aren’t realistic. That’s the honest truth.

Your resolution may be to lose weight, stop smoking, stop drinking, go to church more (if you’re religious), etc. All of those things are great and things that are important to you. Here’s the problem: we make these resolutions and try to make these changes without taking any steps or putting in little to no effort. We just expect them to happen. I’m here to tell you that it does not work like that. It’s like trying to go to work without putting your car in drive; nothing happens.

I challenge you all this year to instead of making resolutions, make goals that you want to and know you can work towards. Realistic goals are achievable and when you put in the time and effort, you can attain them. It is not hard unless you make it hard. I too have fallen victim to this whole resolution thing, so I am not excluded. 

Let’s work together on how we can achieve these goals. Check back tomorrow for a list of things to keep in mind to help achieve these goals and make this a year that we won’t regret.


Simply Moniqua


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