Exercise and Sleep for the Creative Mind

Two of my favorite things. I love talking about these two topics because they go hand in hand. Let’s first start with exercise.


America is the largest nation in the world and I’m not talking size of the country, I am talking size of the people. We are the fattest country (excuse my bluntness) and many are not ashamed of that. Well, I am here to tell all of you that that is not okay. It is recommended to get about 30 minutes of exercise a day, which is the bare minimum. I don’t agree with that. I say get in at least an hour, 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of some sort of strength training.

Cardio is the least favorite workout because it requires a lot of movement, increased heart rate and for you to breathe heavy. Do you know that cardio is extremely good for your heart? Did you know that cardio is short for cardiovascular, which is your heart and lungs? You need these three things to survive.

With the increased output of public transportation and cars, as well as these garbage shows on television people aren’t getting enough exercise. A typical American wakes up, eats a horrid breakfast, drives or rides to work, sits at a desk all day, have a crappy lunch at their desk, drives or rides home, has a crappy dinner, watches crappy television, goes to sleep, wakes up and does it all over.

The number one excuse is that they don’t have time to exercise. Well, I am here to call bs on that and let you know that there are exercises to do at your desk, and ways to motivate you to leave the office for lunch.

  1. Instead of a desk chair, see if your office will allow exercise balls instead. You can bounce on them while working, which increases the heart rate and uses your leg muscles, gaining definition.
  2. Get some sort of Apple Watch or Fitbit type device that will count your steps, these are the latest craze right now. I personally have a Fitbit and it motivates me to get those 10,000 steps in. I take every chance I can get to walk around. For lunch, walk to the nearest healthy place to eat, or bring your lunch and walk outside to find somewhere to eat.
  3. Purchase some small hand weights, like pictured above, and you can work your arms out at your desk.
  4. Get up and stretch. Above are some stretches you can do at your desk.
  5. Walk around the office. Make up stuff for you to do that requires you to get out of your seat.

These also go for creatives. Exercise is important for creativity as well. Get your heart rate up and the blood pumping. This will give you a burst of energy and get things flowing so you can continue to pump our awesome content. Many of us creatives are bloggers and we spend an ample amount of time sitting and staring at a screen. Get up, right now, walk around and then come back to read the rest of this post. Go ahead. I’ll still be here.

Welcome back! Let’s continue.

How does exercise tie into sleep? Let me explain.


Sleep is the single most important thing in the world. Everyone has to sleep. I hear people say, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Yeah, I used to be one of those people. What changed? I woke up one morning after a long night of blogging and realized that there was no possible way that I could publish any of them for the world to see. Lack of sleep can cause a creative disaster.

When you are tired, you can’t think straight, can’t see straight and everything becomes blurred and jumbled together. It’s kind of like drunk texting; writing incoherent things and expecting someone to make sense of it.

A healthy, active life promotes better sleep. I know from experience. Anytime I do a serious workout like barre, jog, strength training, yoga, or pilates, I have the best sleep and I can wake up early and not feel exhausted. I can think straight and more ideas flow through my brain.


Together, exercise and sleep can create a healthy, creative career. You need to be able to function mentally and physically. Now, let me go walk around the block a couple of times. Tell me some exercises that you do to stay active and help with your creative mind.


Simply Moniqua


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