What to Stop Drinking for a Creative Mind

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When I see someone who still drinks soda, it blows my mind. I thought soda had become extinct. I haven’t had soda in years, even before I became vegan. Was never a big fan and if I did drink soda, it was always clear (Sprite, Ginger Ale, 7Up). Alcohol was always drank in moderation after college. Notice I said after college because in college, alcohol was consumed as much as possible, as often as possible. Kool-Aid was given up in high school and store bought juice, sometimes I would buy Bolt House Farms juices, but now, I don’t even drink juice unless I make it and that’s only in summer time.

Now, to the point of this post. There are many drinks available on the market that no one should consume. Just because it is there for you to purchase, that does not mean that you should. Here are a list of drinks that are not good to consume and why.

  1. Soda. It has addictive qualities like drugs (heroine, cocaine). Did you know that when Coca Cola was first made, it had cocaine in it? Small traces, but cocaine nonetheless. Not only that, but it is packed with calories, causes bone health and dehydration. Check this article out for more information. 7 Reasons to Eliminate Soda from Your Diet
  2. CapriSun- just click the link. Will blow your mind. Stop giving it to your kids. 5 Types of Fungus in Capri Sun But Are They Harmful?
  3. Gatorade/PowerAde – Bad Ingredients
  4. Alcohol – Bad for your heart
  5. Kool-Aid – other than the fact that this is full of sugar, dye, artificial flavoring? Just don’t drink it.
  6. Tea in a bottle – most tea nowadays say sugar free, but they still contain alternative sweeteners, many containing aspartame which is found in cigarettes and rat poisoning, and sugar alcohol. Just because it says “____ free”, doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain other harmful chemicals.
  7. Powder drinks – first, it’s powdered and that should tell you something. You have no idea what kind of powders they are and what powders are mixed with them. For all you know it could be cocaine, which is why you are addicted to it.
  8. Juice – other than artificial flavors and preservatives to give it a longer shelf life, juice that is sold on a shelf should not be consumed. Raw, cold pressed juice has to be refrigerated. If something is not refrigerated that needs to be, it should raise some questions.
  9. Caffeinated beverages – caffeine is okay in moderation for example in dark chocolate, but coffee is not good for you. It tends to make your heart raise and give you a boost of energy but around 2 p.m., you crash. What does that do for your business?

Now here are some drinks that are good to consume and why they are beneficial to your health.

  1. Water, and you can read why here.
  2. Brewed herbal tea – 13 reasons why tea is good for you
  3. Kombucha – Healing Properties in Kombucha
  4. Homemade juice – Homemade v. Cold Pressed
  5. Smoothies, fresh made – You get so many nutrients, fiber and vitamins from smoothies as well as surmountable servings of fruits and veggies.

What does this have to do with the creative mind? You want to drink something that is going to make you feel good and that is good for your health. Drinking liquids that are mainly sugar mixed with a bunch of other chemicals and dyes, can cause a sugar rush and a crash later, but it can also create a chemical imbalance with in the body and brain. Drink beverages that are going to increase healthy activity in the brain. I promise, it makes a world of difference. Let me know if there are any drinks that are hard for you to give up, or drinks that you feel people should drink. Let’s open up a discussion.


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