Homeopathic Remedy for Food Poisoning

I am one of those rare people who has never had food poisoning. I always have heard of people getting it and known those around me who have had it, but never have I had it myself, until now. So yesterday I went to visit my cousin and my godson and we went to a Chinese restaurant that we always go to. Their food is amazing and has always been fresh every time we went, that was the first red flag. When we got in the car, it had a funny smell. It didn’t smell like Chinese food, but more like old meat. Of course me being hungry, I ignored it. 

We got to the house and I opened the box and the smell was more pungent and it didn’t look like the normal veggie fried rice that I get. It also smelled like something that I couldn’t quite put my hands on. Again, me being hungry I ignored it.

I began to eat it along with my side of edamame and noticed that it tasted weird and had a strange after taste. By now you have guessed that I was being very ignorant by not paying attention to all of these signs. Well, you probably guessed what happened. I ate it all and now have food poisoning. 

The symptoms started around two this morning and I thought I was just getting sick due to the frequent weather change, well, until I started vomiting everywhere. I knew then that this was not a cold. 

Oh man did I feel like shit (excuse my French). I thought I was going to die, I’ve never felt like this before. So of course, me begin vegan and not believing in medicine, I looked up some homeopathic remedies as well as used my grandmother’s advice.

Garlic and Bread  

 At first when my grandmother mentioned this to me a while back when I had a cold, I was like, “yeah right!” I was not about to eat that. Come to find out it wasn’t so bad. I actually love garlic so it just tasted like garlic bread. 

3 raw garlic cloves

1-2 slices of bread

It’s best to eat the garlic with the bread because the garlic has a kind of spicy kick to it.

Homemade Gatorade 


I never knew you could make this but glad I do now. I wasn’t fond of the original recipe nor was it completely vegan, so here is my version.

1 quart of water (32 oz)

6 tsp of coconut sugar (or any kind of vegan sweetener)

1/2 tsp of Himalayan sea salt

Half of a large lemon

Once you mix it, drink a glass at a time along with lots of water.

Ginger tea


Since I didn’t have ginger, I used Yogi brand ginger tea. I used two bags to make it more potent as well as some lemon juice and coconut sugar to taste.



This is the most important step anytime that you are sick. Doctors will always say drink lots of fluids, meaning water, to help flush the toxins out of your system. I drink 32 oz of water at a time.

After doing all of this, let me tell you how quickly it works. I ate the bread and garlic cloves and downed half a glass of the gatorade. I vomitted so much and felt instantly better afterwards. Of course, I didn’t stop. I still drank the tea and will drink the rest of the Gatorade throughout the day as well as drink plenty of water. I have to be better by tomorrow. This remedy can work anytime you have a cold or the flu, it’s not just for food poisoning. This is better and faster than taking antibiotics or some over the counter drugs. 


Simply Moniqua


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