Guest Post: Go Green to Spark Creativity by, K D Brooks

Hey creatives! I remember being younger and really not liking leafy greens. I mean, who really did as a child, right? As I got older and realized that I really needed my brain to function at it’s optimal level in order to be the adult I wanted to be, I took healthy eating a little more seriously. This is why I am a firm believer in “going green” and this time I don’t mean recycling. Go green on your plate! Why? Green leafy veggies are the way to go for optimal health. Not only do they contain the necessary fiber our bodies require, they contain protein, calcium, vitamin K and a host of other vital nutrients.

Two of my favorite green foods are kale and avocados. These may not be your favorites, but as a creative you stand to greatly benefit from consuming them on a regular basis.

Why? Well I am so very glad you asked.

Kale helps the brain stay hydrated and transports oxygen to the brain. Its revs up your body’s natural detox power, and contains high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential healthy fats for brain function.

As creatives we need all the brainpower we can get. Kale keeps your brain’s engine fueled and as long as your brain is fully revved up, you can flow in your creative space more easily.

Now that you like kale a little more, I’m sure you are wondering what avocadoes can do for you, besides sacrifice themselves for amazing guacamole?

Well for starters, avocados contain unsaturated fats which are known as “healthy fats” that keep your brain active and flexible.

For creatives, this is especially important and beneficial since the fats in avocados oxygenate the area of the brain responsible for critical thinking and planning.

So if we pair Kale together with avocadoes, our brains are fueled to their max and we are operating in a mental space of critical thinking and planning. Can you imagine how many blog posts, book chapters, paintings, jewelry, graphic designs and the like are going to be birthed thanks to these super brain foods?

One of my favorite and easiest meals to make is a salad. Since we are talking about two beautifully green brain foods to get those creative juices flowing, what better than a recipe that pairs them both in an deliciously?!

Introducing the Kale Avocado Salad.

This recipe is amazingly simple. The best part about it is, once you have your base of kale and sliced avocados, you can add as many other veggies and toppings as you please.

Here is my version, feel free to adjust and remix to your liking:

2 cups kale leaves

1 avocado sliced

sliced mushrooms

1 bell pepper diced

cooked quinoa (optional – adds protein)

salad dressing of your choice (a vinaigrette is suggested)

Want a sweeter salad? Instead of additional veggies, add dried cranberries, golden raisins and nuts to your kale & avocado base with a sweet raspberry vinaigrette. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

See! Its simple, it’s healthy and it’s delicious!

So, let’s get “creative” and see how many ways we can incorporate avocado and kale into our meals this week.

Enjoy those salads and those awesome brain benefits as well!

Cheers to good health and creativity.

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