Go Texan Day: Buy Local


I am not a supporter of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, but I am a supporter of Texas and today is Go Texan Day! Why not honor my state and share something that I love most about it: the farmers and their produce!

I am a huge supporter of Texas farmers, being that I am a Texan myself. I was not born here, but I was raised here since the age of nine, so that makes me a Texan gosh darnit. Almost all produce I buy was grown in Texas and I like it that way. The freshest produce is the produce that is grown closest to you. Majority of none organic produce is grown in other countries and flown here. I can tell you know that one it is not fresh and two is either conventionally grown or is GMO, neither is good.

Organic produce does not have a long shelf life like the others mentioned do. A week tops is about how long organic produce is good for. But a good question to ask yourself is, why do you want something that was grown in a different country that has been altered to stay “fresh”? What sense does that make? We have many farmers here who work their ass off to grow and produce fresh fruits a veggies. We need to keep our money in America and with our farmers.

I tell you what, I have tasted tomatoes, kale and mushrooms (to name a few) grown in other places, but nothing beats the taste of their Texas counterparts, I promise you that. I’m sure those of you who buy local will say the same about your produce. Nothing tastes better than it being grown right at home.

Next time you’re in the store, check where your produce is from that you normally buy. I bet some of you may be shocked at how far it traveled. If you think your produce traveled far, check your meat. Go vegan! Go Texans!

See y’all later,

Simply Moniqua

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