My First Full Graze Box | FREE GRAZE BOX CODE

I have to say that I am the queen of snacks, therefore, I need healthy snacks. Healthy snacks aren’t always easy to buy when they are alongside unhealthy snacks. I was introduced to Graze by a YouTuber who did a taste test of her first box. She gave out a code to get a free box and when I saw free, I had to jump on it.

What really got me is that they have vegan boxes and they are such healthy snacks it’ s unreal. I immediately ordered my first box. I was not disappointed in the slightest. The sample box they sent me, I ate all the snacks in one sitting and didn’t feel an ounce of guilt.

After that, I went to the website and set my preferences for what I wanted in my future boxes. I finally got my second box on Saturday (Feb. 27) but didn’t open it until Sunday morning. I was overjoyed at the snacks that came. I ate three and saved the rest for snacks for work. I ate the Summer Berry Flapjacks, Herby Bread Basket and New York Everything Bagel. Amazing does not even describe the taste of those three.

I want all of you to revel in my newfound obsession with Graze by giving you a code to get your first box free. Here is the code: 5CZXTWDFB and click here to go directly to the site. Please enjoy your free box and let me know what you think!


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