Blueberries Galore


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I love blueberries, in absolutely everything. From pancakes to muffins and salads. They are even good frozen. A lot of people sleep on blueberries, but do you know how much nutritional value those little round balls of juicy goodness pack? No? Let me tell you.

They are among the highest antioxidant carrying fruits, with other flavonoid anti-oxidants such as carotene-B, lutein and zea-xanthin. They are extremely high in B-12, which is good for those of us who are vegan.

The phyto-chemcial compounds found in blueberries help rid the body of harmful free-radicals and protects against aging, cancer, and infections. They also help to lower blood sugar and control blood-glucose levels in type II diabetics.

If these aren’t good enough reasons to eat blueberries, here are the nutritional facts.

100g of blueberries contain:

57 calories, 14.49 g of carbs, .33 g of fat, omg cholesterol, 2.4 g dietary fiber, 6 ug folates, .418 mg niacin, .124mg of pantothenic acid, .052 mg pyridoxine, .041 mg riboflavin, 54 IU Vitamin A, 9.7 mg vitamin C, .57 mg vitamin E, 19.3 ug vitamin k,1 mg sodium, 77 mg potassium, 6 mg calcium, .28 mg iron, 6 mg magnesium, .336 mg manganese, .16 mg zinc, 32 ug carotene-B and 80 ug lutein-zeaxanthin.

If that is still not enough reason to incorporate blueberries into your diet, I don’t know what is. Unless you are allergic, you should be having a daily dose of blueberries.

Check back tomorrow for another food to add consistently to your diet!


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3 thoughts on “Blueberries Galore

  1. hontouniheart says:

    This was a really helpful post. Thank you so much for sharing this nutritional information. My brother and I were just talking about these kinds of power-packed foods a few days ago, and I’d honestly forgotten how amazing these gems are. This post is a huge kick in the pants to make blueberries happen on my next grocery run. Many thanks.

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