Purple Sweet Potatoes?


Photo Credit

I had a purple sweet potato for the first time a few months ago and I have to say that I am sad that they aren’t year round. This is another vegetable that I can only buy organic and I must say that these are extremely expensive. They are $3 per lb and they don’t exactly come by the pound. Some are well over six pounds simply because they are not shaped like a potato you would normally see.

These sweet potatoes come shaped like knotted rope. They have no form to them whatsoever and I am lucky to find a small one shaped like a regular potato. These are much, much sweeter than their orange counterparts, therefore, not much sugar is necessary. When I bake these, I normally just sprinkle some cinnamon on them and lightly drizzle on some pure maple syrup. Always does the trick.

Nutritional value? You know I won’t leave you hanging.


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