@EbonyMag The Body Issue: Curvy, Black Boss Women

Photo courtesy of: Ebony Mag

When I saw the cover of Ebony Magazine, I knew I would be getting the newest issue. There is nothing like seeing full figured black women on the cover of a magazine. I love seeing women who are not size 0s on the cover of magazines. This is a new day and age and curvy, voluptuous, thick, and full figured, are the new normal.

I myself am a full figured women, size 14 to be exact, and I love my curves. They are what make me who I am. To see women who look like me represented for the world to see and their bodies being appreciated, there’s nothing better. Now had these women been nude (in a tasteful way) on the cover, no Photoshop, stretch marks showing and just in their natural beauty, I would have been even more overjoyed.

Black women who have a figured are the most beautiful beings to walk this earth and they are the most slept on. I wish that black women weren’t so underrated. We are doing big things and progressing rapidly in the entertainment industry, news, blogs, radio, podcasts, YouTube, etc. We have had the biggest come up in history. We went from being slaves, being rapped and reproducing with our slave masters and taking care of other people’s children, to owning our own businesses, being awesome entertainers and bloggers. We are becoming more educated and we deserve to have our efforts shown for it. There is nothing better than a full figured, educated, talented black woman.

The woman featured on the cover are doing some big things. @thedanieb stars in my fave Netflix show, Orange is the New Black. @gabifresh is a style blogger, fashion editor, brand consultant, swimwear designer and feminist. She is doing big things and there is nothing I love more than a black female blogger and entrepreneur, someone who I can aspire to be someday. @jsullivanmusic is an amazing singer and so is @chrisetteM.

If you have not got your copy of this issue of Ebony Magazine, what are you waiting for?


Simply Moniqua

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