Oranges and Blood Oranges

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The most juiciest fruit and probably my favorite type of juice to drink. My local grocery store makes their own orange juice and I have watched them make it before. It is sooo good. My favorite oranges are Minneola Tangelos. I remember this time I went to the grocery store and bought what I thought were Minneola Tangelos. To my surprise when I got home and peeled one, it was red on the inside, deep red like blood. I was confused and kind of just starred at it for a while. Apprehensively, I ate a piece and was surprised by how good it was. You may have guessed it was a blood orange.

Up until that point, I had never heard of blood oranges other than grapefruits, which I am not a fan of, at all. Since then, I have always bought blood oranges and I think they are pretty darn amazing.

Here are some health benefits of both:


  • helps prevent cancer with its citrus limonoids content
  • prevents kidney disease if drank regularly, not the stuff off the shelf, the orange juice that was juiced and nothing else was done to it. In other words, make your own orange juice
  • reduces risk of liver cancer from its carotenoids content, aka vitamin A
  • its soluble fiber lowers cholesterol
  • its potassium and electrolyte mineral content boosts heart health
  • relieves constipation
  • fights viral infections

Blood oranges

  • packed with anthocyanins, also called antioxidants, help fight carcinogens
  • packed with vitamin C which produces collagen that maintains bone, skin, teeth and gum health
  • correct bad foods by helping to minimize the bad components of food and helps prevent the damage these foods can have on your body
  • controls diabetes with vitamin C
  • keeps your skin young

Oranges and blood oranges are extremely good for your body. Take these into consideration the next time you go to the grocery store. Now, let me go to my local Walmart Neighborhood Market and get some oranges and blood oranges.

Simply Moniqua

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