Meal Prep Monday

(Lunch: Black beans atop Basmati rice; sautéed green, orange and red bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, spinach and dried cranberries. Snack: strawberries with a side of mixed nuts)

I wrote a post about this a while back and since updating my website, it got lost in transition. Get it? Lost in transition, like lost in translation. No? Ok, I’ll continue. Yeah, it got deleted in other words. So why should a person meal prep you ask?

  • Saves money since you now have breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next few days, with some snacks thrown I there.
  • You stick to your meals. When you have meals already prepared, you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to eat. If you’re trying to lose weight (which I am definitely not), this helps because your meals are already portioned.
  • Saves time to do other things. I don’t mind cooking everyday because I love to cook. But sometimes I don’t have the time to and having meals already prepared saves time so I can do other more important things, like write this post. 
  • You know what you’re eating. If you are one of those people who buys lunch everyday at work and the local Chinese restaurant knows your name, where you work and your usual because of so much take out, I can almost bet you don’t know what’s in your food. Preparing your own meals, you see everything that goes in it, unless you’re a meat eater and an avid processed food in a box fanatic. Cook your own meals so you know what your body is intaking. 
  • If you plan your meals ahead of time, you won’t have to go to the grocery store as much, and you won’t spend so much money each trip on useless “food” that serves no nutritional purpose. You go in and get what you need to prepare your meals for the next few days, or if you’re an overachiever, the entire week. (Don’t be a show off.)
  • Last thing, it’s just an all around good idea. Meal prep just keeps you on track with whichever of these goals you are trying to achieve.

I know many times when I cook dinner, I cook enough to have for lunch for the next three days. Always, every single Sunday and Wednesday. It has become an unconscious habit since I don’t do it purposely; it just tends to happen and I thank myself later. Until next Monday, get your ass in the kitchen and prep your meals! You can thank me later. 


Simply Moniqua

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