Broccoli Is Man Made

Believe it or not, that broccoli that you’re trying to get your child to eat but they keep playing with it, is probably because they know that broccoli is man made. Well, actually they just don’t like it. I recently found out through an acquaintance that broccoli is made by man and when I heard this bit of news, I quickly had to investigate because for one, I love broccoli.

I did a bit of digging, well no digging at all because article after article popped up, proving to me that broccoli was not a naturally grown food. Yes, broccoli is grown in the ground, but it is a mutation of selected cabbage, wild cabbage to be exact. This cabbage blossoms every other years. Horticulturists can make this cabbage blossom time and time again by controlling the environment, likely by using a greenhouse.

Other vegetables like cauliflower and Brussel spouts are also bred this way. Don’t worry, they are not genetically modified. Here are some benefits of eating broccoli:

  • high amounts of potassium for nervous system health
  • magnesium and calcium for blood pressure support
  • vitamin C for immune support
  • vitamin K for bone health

Even though broccoli is man made, it still has its health benefits.


Simply Moniqua

2 thoughts on “Broccoli Is Man Made

  1. Jazzzie says:

    Wow! My husband and I heard this about a month ago from Dr. Sebi & I stopped buying it and said I would do more research but never got around to it. Thanks for sharing cause I really love and miss broccoli.

    Liked by 1 person

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