Is Healthy Food Really Healthy?

You’re walking down one of the food aisles and you see something bright colored out the corner of your eye. You turn to look and on the front of the box it says “All Natural”. You pick it up and throw it in the basket. Then you keep walking and see something else that says “Fights Hunger”. Throw that in the basket. You continue this until your basket is full of “healthy”, “all natural”, “hunger suppressant” foods. Are these foods actually what they claim to be?

Many times when we see these words on a box, we jump at the chance to buy it. We don’t pay attention to the labels or nutrition facts. The ingredients are full of things that many of us cannot pronounce the ingredients nor do we look them up to see what they are. We just see the big printed words on the front that states what is in the box is good for us.

Let’s break down why these foods are not what they claim to be. So before you go and buy 20 boxes, packages or bottles, let’s examine what is in the food or drinks. Many times aspartame, which is used as an alternative to sugar, is used in these foods. If you don’t know what aspartame is, it is a chemical that is often used in rat poison and cigarettes.

Many chemicals like aspartame have addictive qualities, causing us to overeat things that are made to seem healthy. Also, many foods that have all of these chemicals, are topped with other ingredients that are disguised as healthy, such as vegetable oils, which include safflower, sunflower and other hydrogenated oils that are man made.

Another thing to note is these “healthy” foods often times leave us still feeling hungry, causing us to overeat. This is led on by the addictive qualities. Now with fruits and vegetables, eating those until we are full is fine. But let’s say we are eating “healthy” cookies, overeating those is not fine, causing us to become sick and consume a lot of fat.

Pricing for foods also contributes to how we buy foods. If something is marked as “healthy”, 9 times out of 10, it has a huge sale tag on it with a price that seems reasonable. Of course we are going to opt to buy it; we’re human.

Just because it says “healthy”, “all natural” or whatever, doesn’t mean it is. Look at the nutrition facts and the ingredients. See if there are any ingredients that are disguised as being healthy, and if you don’t know, Google it. Google is your friend.


Simply Moniqua


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