Sexy Sneak Peek at His Hustle #1

His heart stopped at the sight of her. He hadn’t seen her since Paris and she looked better than he remembered. He felt his dick bulge in his pants, pushing against his zipper. She must’ve noticed too because she began to walk towards him, walking out of her heels. He then noticed that she hadn’t been wearing anything else. How did she get in and did she come here naked? he asked himself.

                She smiled as she squatted down in front of him, unzipping his pants, exposing his 10 inch fat, black dick. He swallowed hard, watching as she stroked him softly. He put his hands on either side of her head and lowered her mouth on to his throbbing erection. Her mouth was wet, warm and deep. He guided her head up and down, going deep within her throat.

                She gagged but didn’t let it stop her. He removed his hands and let her do her thing, laying his head back against his chair and closing his eyes. He felt her squeeze his balls and he let out a deep moan. He missed this so much, so so much and he knew he had to tell her that he wanted her more than anything.

                He felt her going faster up and down his length and an eruption was brewing inside. He took her head and guided her up and down, faster and faster.

“Ah fuck!” he yelled as he was about to explode.

“Danisha, fuck, fuck, shit!” he sputtered as he released down her throat, shot after shot of his warm cum. He felt weak as he lifted her head. He then heard footsteps behind her and saw another women coming in, naked as well.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Shhh…” said Danisha as she grabbed him by his hand and led him to the futon in the middle of his study.

                The other woman pulled the futon out and Danisha pushed him down. She lifted his shirt as the other woman pulled off his pants. His nut must not have been finished as his dick was rock hard again. Danisha pushed him back onto the bed and climbed on top of him, her pussy just about his mouth. He licked his lips for he knew it was about to tasted good. She lowered on to his awaiting tongue and moved her hips in circles. She tasted like he remembered, strawberries. He gripped her thighs and pulled her close as he devoured he clit. Nothing gave him more pleasure than eating Danisha’s pussy.

                He felt the other woman climb on to his hips and lower herself on his dick. She was soaked and he groaned as she moved her hips back and forth. Her pussy was tight and he almost lost concentration on eating Danisha, almost. He moved his hips in rhythm with the other woman and moved his tongue in rhythm with Danisha. He felt her hips move a little faster on his tongue; she was about to cum. He heard her moan and he was about to nut too, not because of the woman fucking him, but because he was pleasing Danisha to the point of her being spent.

                She came, gushing in his mouth and on his face. She smelled so fucking good. He was about to nut when he heard a ringing sound. He first ignored it and then it got louder and louder. He jumped up out of his desk chair and looked around.

“No, fuck no,” he yelled.

                He looked at his pants and the front was wet from his nut. He looked at the futon and it was upright. The phone kept ringing, but he ignored it. He went around the entire house and everything was in order. It looked the same. He realized that it had all been a dream.

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