When Should We Make Life Changes?

This is a question that most times the answer is “when you become extremely uncomfortable”. This can be applied to any aspect of our lives, whether it be diet, marriages, jobs, relationships other than romantic, scenery, appearance, etc. We can make changes in so many areas of our lives, but we normally don’t do this until we are extremely uncomfortable, down and out, feeling like we have hit rock bottom. Why is that?

We tend to stick with the familiar, no matter how bad it is or how uncomfortable we get because we are afraid of change. Change is new, unseen, different and many times we believe it will be catastrophic. What if I told you that all of this is true, but it is worth it? Making a change in whatever aspect of your life that is wreaking havoc, will make you change your perspective on a lot of other things.

When making changes, we often see that it is not so bad, and that if we can make it through the change in this area, we can make it through the change in other areas. For example, I’ve let many people go from my life because it was unhealthy for them to stay. With their drama, it just added stress to an already stressful situation. Have you ever noticed how negatively influential someone else’s drama has on your life? It becomes so impactful that it’s like you are in their mess. It’s unnerving. When I let these people go, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. No matter how much I loved them and how much they meant to me, my mental and emotional health was more important.

Another example, if you are in marriage where you fight all of the time, and these fights stem from petty, minute things, you should reconsider the marriage. If you are having huge blowouts over the smallest of things, imagine what it would be like if that thing was Earth sized. Cops anyone? And this is not just for marriages, this goes for any relationship, romantic or not. If you and another person are constantly on the outs with each other, and it seems to be getting worse, possibly effecting other things, run. Keep running until you can’t anymore. That is not being a coward or running away from your problems, and it is also not putting blame on the other person because you are at fault just as much as they are. When it seems that there is no end to a toxic situation, there is no other option than to remove yourself.

When it comes to your job, if you feel like you are just another warm body and your talents and gifts aren’t being used, speak up, and if that doesn’t work, find another job. I have worked numerous jobs where none of my skills were put to use and event though I did a damn good job at whatever it was, it went unappreciated. I worked at a job for literally peanuts, working as though I was getting paid big bucks, doing things that were not a part of my job description. You know what I did? After four months of that, I got another job. It is horrible to work a job 9-5, getting paid less than half of minimum wage and you don’t even like what you do. Most people hate their jobs, and that is why so many people are on antidepressants, having strokes and heart attacks from overworking, and all for what? To line someone else’s pockets.

When it comes to diet, this is where people wait entirely too late to make changes, basically on their deathbed. America is the number one country for obesity, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, strokes and heart attacks. Why? Poor diet. What with all the processed fatty foods, high in sodium, chemical filled and artificial everything, it’s no wonder so many people die or are on hundreds of medications. With the meat industry spewing out antibiotic, hormone, chemical pumped meat and dairy, I don’t see an end anytime soon. There are people who their doctor tells them that what they are eating is killing them, yet they still eat it, continuing the cycle of their family and their family’s health issues. I took matters into my own hands. I was having health problems, nothing as severe as above, but health problems nonetheless. I went vegan and that changed everything. Many people see veganism as a drastic, intense change or lifestyle, but compared to the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is more drastic and intense?

So when is it time to change? The real answer depends on your situation. My only suggestion is to not wait until you hit rock bottom, even though there is only up from there. Don’t let it get to that point where you lose your marbles on someone, and make decisions that you then regret. It is not worth the stress, drama, emotional, mental and physical turmoil. There will always be something or someone out there that is better and healthy.


Simply Moniqua


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