Coffee or Tea for Weight Loss?

It’s Monday morning and you’re dreading going to work. You’re tired, dragging out of bed and headed to the kitchen to the coffee pot. You are about to turn it on and…STOP! Don’t turn it on. Let me tell you something about that coffee you are about to drink. It is full of caffeine, will cause you heartburn, will cause your heart to race and adrenaline to pump, make you feel like you have taken a laxative and you haven’t, will kill your sex drive, and can give you an ulcer, IBS and cause acidity in your body. Is that reason enough? Are you still thinking about it? Let me continue.

Now, from this cup of coffee, you are expecting a jolt of energy, tolerance for your job, to wake you up and keep you up. When the effects wear off, what do you do? You get another cup right? Do you know what that is called? Addiction. Addiction is where you have something and you love the effects of it, and when it wears off, you take it again and again because you love the high it gives you. Do you know that coffee has addictive qualities similar to heroine and cocaine? When two o’clock hits, you are ready to crash, just like someone coming down off of a high.


 Still not convinced? What if I tell you that tea is a better, healthier alternative, with none of those side effects? Green tea does have caffeine in it, but not a high enough amount as coffee and it doesn’t have addictive qualities. There are many different types of teas mixed with different herbs for different benefits. Yogi happens to be my favorite brand and I love all of their flavors. Drinking tea is also a way to get your water in. Why drink something that is going to have a negative effect on you?

If you are not a tea person, try Green Coffee Bean Extract. I know that many people drink coffee as a weight loss aid and hunger suppressant. Their are detox and weight loss teas, some not so advisable, but Green Coffee Bean Extract is a great supplement and will help with weight loss. Though you should not be trying to skip meals or suppress your appetite, but if you must, kick the coffee to the curb. Try something that actually has health benefits. Try starting your day with a cup of tea, even if you get it from Starbucks.


Simply Moniqua


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