Living Simply

As many of you may know, or not, I have been talking about tiny homes and minimalistic, sustainable living. I am very frugal and I don’t like having a lot of things or really expensive things. I like having a simple life where I’m not trying to impress people. I’m vegan, I wear sundresses or sweatpants and a tshirt when I have to put clothes on, I’m addicted to YouTube channels on tiny homes, tent homes and tree houses, and I want my next car to be a Buick. I saw I’m pretty simple and minimalistic. So what’s the problem? Finding a black man who has the same interests.

In this day and age it seems that black men are not interested in any of those things, unless they are living under a rock, or they have no romantic interests in me. I honestly feel that the reason black men want so much and have to have so much is because of slavery and their upbringing. Many black people come from broken homes, living in tiny, run down, project row houses and living off of the government. They want more because they didn’t have that growing up.

I, on the other hand, grew up quite the opposite. I had two working parents, living in upper middle class areas, never had to worry about clothes or food or anything. I think that has a lot to do with why I want to live small, because I’ve always lived big. I’ve always had a lot of stuff and now, having a lot of stuff makes me cringe. I’m always giving stuff away and downsizing. 

Now that I’m older and really taking things into perspective and seeing how people are in such competition with each other to hav nor this and bigger that, I want no part of it. What am I trying to prove and to who am I trying to prove it to? I have nothing to prove because I owe no one anything. 

As I look on social media and on television and see people who their stuff defines them and they take more pride in their stuff than themselves and how they are perceived as a person. Personally, I define me. My intelligence defines me. Not my clothes or lack thereof, not my car, not my hair, not my skin, nothing defines me but me.

I hope to one day meet a man who is vegan, into yoga, into tiny living, loves conversation, can do without cable television, loves to read and write, cares about what’s going on around him, is aware of everything, treats me like a queen as I do him a king, and is just all about life. He cares about the planet and what it’s doing to us and us to it. 


Simply Moniqua


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