Having the Flu

I have never had the flu so this was all a shock to me when I woke up Saturday morning feeling like crap. I was coughing, my body was aching and I felt like someone was constantly hitting me with bags of potatoes. But that was nothing compared to when I woke up Sunday morning. I literally felt like I was dying. My mom even said that I looked terrible.

So she took me to the emergency room just to make sure that everything was okay. Needless to say, I had a temp of 102.5 and the flu. Now normally, I don’t believe in shots or taking medicine, but the way I was feeling, I would’ve taken anything. It hurt to lay or sit down, and I am still in quite a bit of pain. I ended up getting a shot and the nurse said that it would burn before she gave it to me. That shot did not burn, it hurt like effing hell. That shot was worse than the pain I was already in and my arm still hurts.

Unfortunately, I am out of work until Thursday, which really sucks since I don’t get paid time off. Having the flu has really made me have second thoughts about being a teacher. Kids are full of germs and have no care in the world. I also don’t think that Lysol is allowed in the classrooms, which sucks because that leaves me prone to contracting the flu again. What pisses me off is, if your child has the flu, which is highly contagious, why would you stills end them to school? I swear sometimes I think parents have absolutely no brains at all.

Let me stop ranting. Anyway, the doctor has me on Tamiflu and I have been in bed sleeping on and off since yesterday morning. I still feel like crap, but the coughing has gotten better. This flu could not have come at a worse time. I have been drinking lots of water and orange juice and consuming quite a bit of fruit, which is all I can stomach and all that I have a taste for. Nana nice cream has been my friend the past few days. Though I have not had a bowel movement since Friday so I am a little worried about that.

I do plan to have more posts out this week and at least one YouTube video, but I can’t make any promises. Now I can relate to people who have had the flu. It sucks, really bad. I pray that I never experience this again. This has been the worst couple days of my life (tad exaggeration but I don’t care).


Simply Moniqua

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