H.W.W: Standard American Diet (SAD)

Welcome to Health and Wellness Wednesday. Join me every Wednesday for health and wellness tips to get your life healthy and well.

Do you know that the Standard American Diet’s acronym is SAD? If not, now you know. Any diet that is referred to as SAD, should be a deterrent for you. I wouldn’t want to eat a diet that was called SAD. That’s just sad. The SAD is what is causing this country to be sick, spend billions on healthcare, and causing hundreds of thousands of people to die each year (that number mainly consisting of African Americans, get it together my people).

I’ve been reading Happy Vegan by Russell Simmons (link to book is in right side bar) and he has a lot of great points. The meat and dairy industry spend billions on advertisements to get people to spend their money on something that is killing them, essentially assisted suicide, I mean let’s be candid. Meat and dairy are killing people, but according to the S.A.D food pyramid, meat and dairy are to be eaten in high amounts. Have you noticed on the food pyramid that the fruits and veggies are higher up the pyramid and in smaller spaces than meat and dairy?

In my new book, Simply Vegan: A Guide for Newbies and the Curious (comes out next month) I discuss a lot about the S.A.D. In my efforts to educate and assist people on their vegan journey, I talk a lot about why the S.A.D. is killing so many Americans and why it is necessary to make the change. S.A.D can also stand for Stroke, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes, which are all caused by this lifestyle. Be on the look out for my book. I will keep you posted, and remember, you don’t have to be S.A.D. It is no longer the norm. Join me next Wednesday as I go into greater detail about the S.A.D. with facts that you can’t ignore.


Simply Moniqua


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