Mind Body & Soul Monday: Get Your Mind Right


Several ways to “get your mind right”:

  1. Meditation – this requires a lot of self discipline and self control, for sitting still for extended periods of time, is exceedingly difficult for many people. Meditation allows you to feel things you don’t want to feel, think things you don’t want to think, all while washing those things away. Sometimes you need to think and feel certain things in order to heal.
  2. Yoga – I practice yoga daily now. I have had an on again off again relationship with yoga, but it wasn’t until I found my purpose for it, that I was able to stay consistent with it. Yoga not only stretches the body, it stretches the mind to all sorts of possibilities, ridding thoughts of “impossible”.
  3. Journal – as a  used to right in diaries like there was no tomorrow. I recently picked up journaling and it has helped me cope with certain things. I think seeing our thoughts on paper, helps to show us that there are real things that are going on with us, past flowing into the present. We like to live in a land of make believe and pretend that certain things didn’t happen, aren’t real and don’t bother us. Sorry to say, but they do.
  4. Exercise – aside from the fact that you should be doing this anyway, exercising increases endorphins and adrenaline. We may not want to do it, but the feeling afterwards, that feeling of being on a high without the drugs, is worth it. Many people use exercise as a way to get out frustrations, anger, stress, clear their head, and a whole list of other things. Added benefit, you get in shape.
  5. Talking – and I don’t mean therapy, although talking to family and friends is a form of therapy. A lot of times, talking things out, helps to clear our minds and thoughts so that it doesn’t get jumbled up and piling on, until we reach a point of mind dumping, also know as exploding on someone.

What are some ways that you get your mind right? Feel free to share in the comment section.

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