Mind, Body & Soul Monday: Human Slavery & The Abuse of Animals


I know this is a very touchy subject, especially this early on a Monday morning, but it is something that I have to speak on in order to get my people to understand that eating meat symbolizes the abuse, torture, rape and death that our ancestors went through as slaves and Native Americans (yes, many Black people have Native American ancestors. My great-great-grandmother was full blood Cherokee Indian).

How animals are treated in factories is no different than how Native Americans and Africans were treated when Columbus came to America and the years to follow. Native Americans were raped, forced into laborious work, and for what? The satisfaction of a white man to not have to do it. Same as for when Africans were brought to America on slave ships. They were brought to do the work that the white men saw as beneath them. Anyone of naturally melanated skin is seen as inferior and not worthy of anything, which is how animals are seen by many people.

Many people think that animals were put on this earth for us to have dominion over and to provide us with food, as were Native Americans and Blacks. Anyone of darker skin, to whites, were put on this earth to be used and abused.

Many African American’s ancestors derive from West Africa, which is where the Europeans got most, if not all, of their slaves from. West Africans mainly ate a plant based diet, with a little fish on the side. Our ancestors were not introduced to swine and beef and all the other meats we eat until they were enslaved, often times that being the scraps from their massas.

With them, our ancestors brought their culture and ways of cooking food to America and that is why food tastes the way that it does today. That is why meat is seasoned the way that it is when it is cooked.

Black women have a higher chance of dying from heart disease than any other race. Why? Because what our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers passed down to us (chitterlings (aka chitlins), fatback, pigs feet, ham hocks, etc.), we still consume today. What we call “soul food” is instead “slave food”, given that that is when we started consuming it.

My people are still enslaved in their minds thinking that the way we eat is how we have always eaten and how we should eat. I’ve even heard that it is the food of our ancestors, which technically is not true. I want you to trace your roots (my melanated people) and tell me where your people come from and what their diet consisted of before they were enslaved.

Next, I want to give a little history lesson. Do you remember learning about the Trail of Tears in school, where the whites chained and drug many Native Americans  across the U.S. to the west? Do you remember how Africans were piled on top of each other in slave ships to be transported to America? Well, that is how animals are transported from factory to factory. In trucks, with no air, sunlight, food or water, and piled on top of each other, often times soaking in the piss and feces of another, many of them not making it.

You know how when the Europeans came and brought their diseases with them, killing many Native Americans, and later Blacks suffered from these diseases? You know why? Because in Africa and before Europeans came to America, our people didn’t have those diseases. Why? Because we ate a plant based diet and knew how to clean ourselves.

If you don’t believe me, below are some resources, but also do your own research. People of color are not meant to consume animal products. Period. Making the claim that we have been eating animals since the beginning of time is just like saying we have been murdering since the beginning of time. Does that make it right? No, but we still do it. People of color did not start consuming land animals until enslavement.

Black people are dying at an exponential rate. Why? Because of the animals that they are eating and how much they are eating it, let alone the salt, fat and cholesterol. We put salt and butter and sugar on everything and it is killing us, causing diseases in us like when the Europeans brought their diseases and nearly exterminated all Native Americans.

Black people wake up and see that you are targeted, not just by guns and the police, but by your food. Why do you think these deadly foods are so cheap and prominent in low-income, majority Black, neighborhoods? Because “they” are trying to kill us off.

All I ask is that you do your research and change your diet before your family has to mourn your dead body and put it in the ground.

P. S. Stop eating dairy. People of African descent are intolerant of it. 


The Happy Vegan (link in side bar)

Sistah Vegan (link in side bar)

New 'African' diet promotes cultural roots


Free Your Mind, Body and Soul,

Simply Moniqua

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