#MBSM: Racism and Speciesism

When it comes to the discrimination of other beings, it isn’t just Black people on the other side of these thoughts and acts. Animals are also discriminated against and thought of as unintelligent. Black people and animals are looked upon as the same by white people and have been since before slavery. Why? Because Black people and animals were thought to be put on this earth for the white man.

During slavery, Black people were described as stupid, lazy, ignorant, hence the name “nigger”. I have a strong dislike of that word being used by any race. Due to how it derived and was used to make my people feel inferior, it hurts my soul, especially because my people still use it today as a form of endearment and because my Black women use it to describe no good black men.

During slavery, there was a separation between light skinned and dark skinned Black people. I know during the 60’s to 70’s, in South Africa and still today, light skin’s are called Black and dark skin’s are called colored. There is a separation between my people and it is especially rampant in the U.S. There is the whole dark skinned v. light skinned and it has to stop. During slavery, if a slave was light skinned, that meant that they were the product of the massa and one of the slave women, aka a mulatto child. There is racism between my people today that has pitted us against each other to where if you aren’t dark skinned, your “black card” is questioned.

So what’s my point? When animals are held in captivity and stacked on top of each other, they begin to attack each other. Chickens, as chicks, have their beaks cut off for this very reason. When enclosed in such a small space, they mentally go insane and just attack the other chickens. Mad Cow disease is a real thing but it is mental. When we eat the carcass of an animal who was in distress, fearful, insane, we take on those feelings. That is why so many people who work 9-5 jobs have anxiety attacks, heart attacks, strokes and even die. Not only is it the stress of the job, but they have taken on the added emotions of the animals feelings through consumption, as well as all antibiotics, steroids and other chemicals that were injected into their bodies.

Think about it, when a woman carries a child, any emotion she feels, the child does too. Now think about what consuming meat will do to that fetus. Naturally, Black people are not a violent people. What keeps us violent is the food we eat because that is a product of violence. It is also all we see in these low-income neighborhoods. But have you ever wondered why we are put out to be this way? If you go into any of the stores in a low-income, black neighborhood, you will see mostly alcohol, old meat and boxes on boxes of highly processed food. It is a way for the white man to keep Black people crazy and a “threat”.

During slavery, Black people were seen as inferior and not capable of making decisions for themselves. We couldn’t read, write, speak proper grammar and were incapable of making decisions for ourselves. Well, this all would not have been so if the white people hadn’t scared us into thinking we weren’t capable of being anything other than a slave. We outnumbered white people on a plantation and some of us were smart enough to know that and stand up, while others, they were too afraid. It’s like that today, except there are more people willing to stand up. We were not allowed to vote because we weren’t intelligent enough to know how to vote or who to vote for. We had to be taught.

All of these things that I have described, we did not have this mentality until slavery. We were doing just fine in Africa. We have all assimilated in some way to the white man’s ways.

What does this have to do with speciesism though?

Animals are seen as unintelligent and incapable of making choices. That is beyond false, to the point of being preposterous. Animals make decisions all the time, though they are not like human decisions, but then again, not all humans make the same decisions. Female animals are natural nurturers to their babies, just like human females. Animals can be trained to make decisions, just like we train children. Animals can feel fear and sense danger, just like humans. The problem is that there are too many ignorant humans who think otherwise. Animals can be just as smart, if not smarter, than humans.

Racism and Speciesism, they are the same. What I hope is that my people wake up and see that we are the way we are because we eat animals. We are violent because we eat violence. We are stressed, because we eat stress. We are sick because we eat sick. We are considered animals because we eat animals. Black people, stop consuming products and byproducts of animals. We need to heal ourselves mentally.

Mind, Body and Soul Healing,

Afro Hippie Vegan


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