Finding My Purpose

Often times people want to know why I post the things I post and what I want my purpose to be in life. I have often wondered about my purpose in life and I have finally figured out what it is. It was a long time coming and required me to go vegan, I assume. I think my purpose in life is to be a plant based activist in the Black community.

I have been on a path to educate my people about not only our history, but how our history relates to our health. We are the fastest dying race, causes lying outside of police brutality. We are dying at the hands of the food industry. From diabetes and obesity, to hypertension and cancers, the food we are consuming is taking a great toll on us.

I had this feeling that it was my duty to be an activist for my people, but I am only one person. Even in the poorest of neighborhoods, my people have access to the Internet somehow and that is why, for now, I have chosen to use the Internet to my advantage, and as a temporary platform.

I have this blog, my YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. I am using whichever platforms I can to target as many Black people as possible. I know one of the first things I would do once I am financially able, is to build health food stores in Black communities and make the foods affordable. I know most people in the low income areas have food stamps so these stores would accept Lone Star (of course I would start in Texas, that’s where I live).

I feel like I am a voice for those who are not educated on the health issues in our community. These health issues are coming from the foods we eat and you want to know why? Take the picture below, for example.

I saw this picture on Instagram and I had to repost it. It is so accurate. Now, I live in a predominantly white neighborhood and I have lived in predominantly black neighborhoods and there is a difference. I see it when I visit my grandmother in 5th Ward. These stores are targeted toward a certain audience and is a form of racism. Why do the White neighborhoods get the nice, fancy grocery stores with organic food and Black neighborhoods get liquor stores and mini marts that sell old food?

My people are still being enslaved by the food they eat and I want to be a voice for them, because majority of them don’t even realize that they need a voice. I want to educate them and show them that the way they are living and eating, is what is going to be their undoing.

Through all of my platforms and my upcoming books, I want to reach each and everyone of my people who do not know what is going on right in front of them.

Peace and Health,

Afro Hippie Vegan

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