Breasts & Bras: The Stupidity


I hate bras. They are uncomfortable, unreasonable and stupid. My ancestors didn’t wear bras or underwear (neither do I, on the latter part). Underwear and bras are European ideologies that were forced upon my people. Let me stop ranting.

As you can see from the video, I don’t wear the typical kind of bra. My bras are cheap but effective. All I need a bra to do is keep the “girls” from moving around when I walk. I am a school teacher of primary students; that would not go over well.

Bras are not good for women anyway. It cuts off the circulation around your bust and bras can lead to breast cancer. Many people say that you should sleep in bras and what not but I don’t believe that. I personally sleep in my bearthday suit because I hate wearing clothes altogether.

I wear bralettes mostly and spandex bras. They are comfortable and it feels like I am not wearing one, which is the feel I was going for. Though I wish I did not have to wear one at all, but when you are a DDD, you kind of don’t have a choice in what you want.

Another note, bras can be super expensive and many women love their Victoria Secret bras. I have three Victoria Secret bras and they are sports bras that I got on clearance for $15 a piece. Other than that, my bras come from Walmart and Amazon. Ladies, we spend entirely too much money on bras and for what? To impress a man? Men don’t care about bras. They just want to take them off and I don’t blame them. A bra is just an extra piece of clothing that creates a hassle.

All I am saying is that I feel women should not have to be ridiculed for not wearing a bra. Men don’t wear bras and some of them have larger breasts than I do.


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