I’m a Coon

A while ago, I posted the video above and it got some great feedback. A few days ago, I got a message from someone saying that I was a coon for relating human slavery to animal suffering. I wasn’t offended by the comment whatsoever but it was more so the ignorance of how it was used.

From my understanding a coon is someone with melanated skin who goes against their own kind and assimilates entirely to that of the nonmelanated kind. It’s appropriating white culture and straying as far as possible away from Black culture. Correct me if I am wrong, but that is how I have seen it being used. 

I deleted the comment because I didn’t want him to be embarrassed by his obvious ignorance.  It really bothers me when my people are so ignorant and brainwashed and blind to the fact that society is trying to control them.

I don’t get why my people are so oblivious to the fact that we are still being controlled by colonization. I want my people to learn and wake up and be more conscious. We have to band together and stick up for ourselves, work as a team. All other races can band together but us. Get it together. 

I am going to continue to make more videos about black people and write more posts until my people stop feeling guilty by their own conscious and realize that they need to get it of old habits and start living for the cause. I don’t feel bad for the things I post and say and I don’t feel bad for those who are offended by it because of their own guilt. 

I’ve lost followers (including family) and friends in real life because I post the truth and they want to be ignorant to it. I’ve come to the point where I just don’t care because I care. 

                          Afro Hippie Vegan

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