Jesse Williams’ Speech: Oppression & False Hope

I know that I am talking about this late but I don’t care. Many people by now have forgotten the speech that Jesse Williams gave at the BET awards, but I haven’t. Since then, Jesse has been dragged through the mud by all races and it is appalling that Black people are doing this too. Just because he is half white, does not mean that he is not Black. He identifies as Black and as a Black male, he has experienced some hardships.

He made a lot of great points in his speech and I won’t go into detail. The point of this post is that I am tired of hearing people say that “Black Lives Matter” when they are still eating this slave food. How can Black lives matter when you are not trying to live or help other people live by living healthier lifestyles? How can Black lives matter when you are eating every inch of the animal, putting yourself and family at risk of diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks and strokes? How can Black lives matter when your family members are on medication and you aren’t trying to help them get off of it by changing their lifestyle?

Black lives can’t matter until we take back what is ours, meaning our minds, our stomachs and our lives. I have said this time and time again, our ancestors (before slavery because if you did not know, we were alive and living life before slavery) did not eat this food. Our ancestors don’t even know what this food is that we consume today and I am sure they would be horrified and disgusted.

Another thing is, we talk about how Black lives matter but we aren’t talking about how in the Black community, low-income at that, that we only have access to liquor stores and grocery stores that sell old and heavily processed foods. We aren’t talking about the single parents who have to raise their kids on this “food” that is causing them to be violent, have mental issues and become sick and unhealthy. We aren’t speaking about anything that effects the Black community. We scream for equality but how can we be equal to people that have been oppressing us for so many years? We can’t compare. We scream for equality but specifically, what kind of equality? We don’t know. We scream for this, that and the other, but we aren’t screaming about the things that directly effect us.

We talk about oppression as far as getting jobs, where we live, have similar access to certain things, but then we go out and buy $200 Jordan’s instead of spending that on books to educate ourselves, food to help us become better, clothes to help us land jobs, and resources to help us and those in our community. We scream for all these things but not what is most important; our health. We can’t scream if we are dead.

Until we change our lifestyles and are able to unlearn, we aren’t going to go far. We are not going to accomplish the things we want to accomplish for our community if we are constipated, puss filled, chemically high and antibiotic driven. How can we mentally be stable if we are putting foods in our bodies that are destabilizing us?

I will admit that Jesse made some powerful statements and I agree with him wholeheartedly, but when you are speaking to a room full of Black people who are controlled by a  White industry, you can’t expect them to do anything. Once they left the building, his speech left their minds. Jesse has been a Black activist for a while but he has not felt the need to broadcast it and that has lead to people dragging him through the mud and saying that he isn’t Black and all this other nonsense.

In closing, I think that in order for us all to be mentally clear and demand things, we have to be physically able and in the right mind and we can only do that by going back to our plant based roots.

Afro Hippie Vegan

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