Being Black in America

I know you have all seen what has been going on the past few days in this country. For those of you who live in countries that American news is not shown, I know you have seen it on social media. White police officers have been offing Black men due to racism. Even the Governor of Minnesota considered this a racist act and he’s White. Let’s start with Alton Sterling. He was celling CDs in front of a store that he had permission to sell the them. Two officers tackled him to the ground and pinned both of his arms down. Now the officers claim he had a gun and whether or not he did, he was no threat to them seeing as how both his hands were pinned down. One of the officers fired of six rounds of shots, killing this man. Was that even necessary? If you have seen the video, you can see the officer who pinned down his upper body draw his gun and for what reason? How did Alton become a threat?

In the case of Philando Castile, and this is still disturbing. The officer stops Castile and his girlfriend for a busted tail light. The officer asks for his ID and Castile lets him know that he has a firearm and is licensed to carry, as by law you are required to disclose that information. Castile tells him that he is reaching for his wallet and as he does so, the officer shots him. I’m not understanding why the officer even drew his gun. Castile was not a threat to this man. This officer shot him in cold blood in front of his girlfriend and daughter. That was an act of racism, and that officer with no doubt should go to prison.

On Thursday morning, there was a Black man found hung from a tree in Piedmont Park. Officers are claiming that it is “suicide” because there appears to be no sign of struggle  or anything indicating otherwise. Now this man had been hanging from this tree for hours and the only people who found him were police officers. You honestly expect me to believe that no one saw this man hanging from a tree, but some police officers did? Why were they even there? Mind you this happened just a few days after a KKK rally. Coincidence? I think not. This man was lynched.

Pedro Villanueva was shot and killed by an unarmed police officer on Tuesday. He was leaving a “sideshow” and an undercover cop followed them to a cul-de-sac and when Villanueva made a U-turn, he was heading towards the officers and they officers fired shots, killing him and wounding the passenger in the car with him. Now, these officers where undercover in street clothes and an unmarked vehicle. Who would stop for a random person flagging them down? They didn’t know that these people were officers and had no indication of them being that. Those officers should be held accountable for their actions and that should be illegal for cops to go undercover and never let the people know who they are tailing that they are cops. He was setup to die that night.

Delrawn Small was shot and killed by an off duty officer after they nearly collided, after he allegedly got out of his car and began assaulting the officer. The officer shot Small from inside his vehicle and killed him. Small was unarmed during this altercation. Why is it that White officers never try to deescalate the situation with a Black man like they do White men? In all of these cases, the VICTIM was unarmed. None of these men or boys that these officers have killed, have ever been armed and those that reportedly were, were falsely armed.

Every case that there has been a White man shooting up a church or movie theater or school, they have all been armed and none of those men are dead. Let that have been a Black man doing those things and no question he would be dead. Why are we not all held to the same standard? How is it that an unarmed Black man poses more of a threat than an armed White man? How does that make any sense whatsoever?

Afro Hippie Vegan


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