Technology, Helps/Hinders Black People

We live in a time where we rely heavily on technology. Everything you can think of has been filmed. You have access to all sorts of things, and things that you shouldn’t have access to. There are many pros and cons of the media when it comes to Black people. I think there may be more cons than there are pros.


  1. Being wrongfully murdered, even though it does not lead to any kind of arrest or conviction. Before the smart phones and YouTube and all social media, there was no way to capture white officers, murdering Black people. Yes, it was seen by the naked eye, but nowadays, the entire world can see it.
  2. We can stay connected to our people in other states when things happen. There are a lot of things that are not recorded and when they are not recorded, they go unheard. It is a way to show that things are still happening to us, even when there are no cameras.
  3. We can spread any kind of awareness in our community. Prime example, I spread veganism in the Black community across all social media, my website and YouTube. Through that, I have become connected to other causes that I can support that deals with my people.
  4. Small business exposure. It is a great way to showcase small businesses in the Black community. I have quite a few friends who have their own businesses and I share them as often as possible.


  1. Being wrongfully murdered, even though it does not lead to any kind of arrest or conviction. It shows that even though we are wrongfully killed, the injustice system is not for us.
  2. Exploitation of past, irrelevant crimes. Anytime a person of color is plastered all over the news, whether they were murdered by cops or committed some kind of crime, their roll sheet of past crimes is revealed to the public. How that is relevant, I have no idea, but when it is a White person, they bring up their childhood and friends have good things to say about them. Why isn’t it the same for Black people? Prime example, the little boy who fell in with the Gorilla. His father’s criminal history was brought up and he wasn’t even fucking there! How does that have anything to do with what happened when he wasn’t there?
  3. Portrayals. In the media, Black people are torn apart and made to look like barbaric people. We are made to look as though we are uncivilized, violent, uneducated, criminals. New alert! Some White people are the same way. Just because a few of us are like that does not mean that we all are. The media skews our image in order to keep us oppressed and angry.
  4. Money. Now this is a bit of a broad statement so let’s narrow it down. We have all of these ratchet ass Black reality television shows that depict us as these wannabe rappers, gold diggers, baby mamas/daddies, drug dealers, etc. True enough some people are like that but when it is on television for the world to see, isn’t it fact that others will have this picture of us doing anything for money and fame? We will literally do anything for money and fame is what these televisions shows are portraying and it sickens me.
  5. Other countries. Because of what is shown on television and social media, it is hard for Black people to go to other countries where there are maybe 1% of us there. Many countries don’t like Black people because of what they see on TV and the Internet. There is a woman that I saw on YouTube who was an au pair in another country and the father told her that he hates Black people but he likes her. I don’t even question where he got his ideals from.
  6. We can do no good. We are always in the news or across the web for one thing or another and it is never good. You never see Black people interviewed for doing something good on any of these major news networks. It is always on small news and local that is then spread throughout social media. Why can’t we ever be in the news for all of the good that we do? Is it only popular news when we are murdered by cops? Stealing? Dealing drugs? Innocent acts that are seen as criminal? Believe what you will, but we Black people do a lot of good in our communities.

In conclusion, since the rise of technology, it has become a hindrance for people of color, what with photo shop and doctoring videos, it is easy to shine Black people in a bad light. I am sure the are more pros and cons but these were the ones that stood out the most. Feel free to add some of your own in the comment section and let’s get a dialogue going.

Afro Hippie Vegan


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