Just Touch Me

Just Touch Me Growing up without a father and a non affectionate stepfather, caused for some rough relationships and major promiscuity. In high school I had one boyfriend and in college I had one boyfriend. In between time, I had many sexual partners, because my body craved the touch of a man. Sex was the only way I knew of that I could get a man to touch me, even if he didn’t love me.

In my past relationships and throughout my unsuccessful dating journey, I have yet to find a man who is affectionate outside of the bedroom. I love kissing, hugging, holding hands, being wrapped up in a man’s strong arms. I want to be consoled when I am having a rough time or have my feet massaged after a long day of running around with the kids at school, yet not too many men will do that, for fear of feeling soft or weak, or having a father who didn’t teach him how to touch a woman other than moving bodies against each other.

Yes, being touched through sex was great, but it always left me unsatisfied; I need more than that. I need more than just intimacy. I need that physical connection without penetration. Many woman go through this sort of thing and it isn’t something that you just get over. What has helped me cope with this lack of male affection, is being celibate and knowing that God has a man for me who will touch me in all the right ways that I need to be touched without asking, a man who knows my needs as I do his, and is able to fulfill them.

Ladies, don’t ever feel that sex is your only way to get a man’s touch. Take it from someone who has been there and is still there, wait for that man, he will come and he will cater to your every need, want and desire.

“Touch me the way I should be touched, hold me the way I should be held, for I have never felt such strong affection as this before.” ~Afro Hippie Vegan

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