Why Can’t I Just Be Beautiful?


5 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Just Be Beautiful?

  1. hontouniheart says:

    So much yes in this. I hate to have to say it, but there’s always some kind of qualifier around our beauty. Why all these conditions on beauty? Why so many conditions on our acceptance? Whether it’s “oh you can’t be normal black, you must be exotic” or “yasss ma yo so pure Africa vibin this and that that’s what a queen is.” Fool, I was born in the Midwest. I’m a queen because I choose to be a queen. My beauty stands for itself, outside of conditions. I don’t need to be anybody’s conception of “pure, exotic” whatever in order to count. I’m a m-f goddess. Move along.

    sits down, sips tea

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    • Moniqua says:

      Yassssss! That’s what I’m saying. Why can’t I be Black and Beautiful? Why are the conditions? Are Black women only pretty when they classify where they come from that is seen as exotic?

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      • hontouniheart says:

        Honestly, and I also hate to say this, but I’m gonna – I think most of the time men (perhaps people generally) are looking for something that should not be ours or “others” to provide. Like, there is some need they have for “awe” and extra and excitement and whatever it is. And so the exotic fits that, and what better way to get all of what you want than to impose your idea of what’s exotic, exciting and awe-inspiring onto flesh that you can grab, penetrate, own? I really hate to say that, but, this concern was highlighted even more when I encountered all the imagery in the naturist / nudist avenues. Fantasy. Pictures of the exotic, promoted by images of women they don’t know, rather than seeing themselves as the fantasy and gift. As the beauty themselves. No, rather, wanting it and seeking it in something outside of self. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s what I wonder. I really really wonder.

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