Daily Affirmations

I have many post its of affirmations on my bathroom mirror. They are things I tell myself every morning. Sometimes I need a reminder of things because I don’t hear them often from other people (not going into detail about what notes say). I wrote these notes because I was reading a book (when am I not?) and that was one of the exercises. The book is called The World’s Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets. I wrote about 15 notes and put them on my mirror and I say them to myself every morning, in my head actually. I have yet to work up the courage to say them aloud.

I think that we get so used to hearing negative things that we start to believe them. By starting my day with positive reinforcements, it stops the negativity that I experience throughout the day, in its tracks. It helps me to feel better about myself and in the process, helps me to speak things into existence (well, not yet since I don’t say them aloud).

Another thing that this helps with, is it makes you say these positive things about yourself, especially for those of us who don’t believe these things about ourselves. By telling yourself you are beautiful, or worthy, or a Queen, you start to believe, manifest and accept those things. It helps to bring out the best in you and trumping every negative thing that someone else has told you. Once you believe wholeheartedly in whatever your notes say, things will start to change around you, trust me.

Positive affirmations daily will change your perspective not only about yourself, but about life and those around you. It’s like you are floating on clouds and all the naysayers are ants on the ground for you to step on (this is a simile so don’t go around stomping on people and then say that I told you to do it).

So take some time and write some positive things about yourself. Make sure to write them in present tense because you want to begin believing that you are these things already so that they can manifest and come to fruition in your life. Let me know in the comments below how it goes and if it helped you.

Afro Hippie Vegan


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