Unexpected Part II

DISCLAIMER: HER and SHE capitalized is the main character

Letting out a slight scream, Her hand flew to Her mouth. She looked up at Her. She was just as terrified. Walking closer to both of them, there lay Her husband in a pool of blood. She wanted to cry, but no tears or emotions of sadness came over Her. She didn’t know if She should be relieved or in shock.

Yes, She loved this man, but from what She was looking at, before his untimely death, he had obviously been doing something that he shouldn’t, with the next door neighbor. Looking at the woman who was staring back at Her, She felt rage and anger. The woman stood up and looked at Her. She was shaking, her naked body was shaking.

She looked at this woman in Her home, in Her bathroom, naked, standing over Her dead husband. Maybe he deserved what came to him, She thought. She wasn’t so mad that he was cheating, but more so mad that it was with the neighbor who was married and had kids of her own. Sadly to say, She still wishes it was Her son she was sleeping with and not Her husband. Maybe no one would’ve died.

The woman began crying and explaining what had happened, but She didn’t listen. She turned and walked to Her closet, the woman following and still talking. She reached to the top and pulled out a small box, laying it on the bed. The woman was too wrapped up in telling what happened that she hadn’t noticed that SHe had pulled a gun out until it was aimed at her head. The woman screamed as Her son came in and She pulled the trigger.

Check back tomorrow for the final chapter.


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