Unexpected, The Finale

Her son stood there in shock at what he just witnessed his mother do. She stared at the lifeless body before her. She hated that he had to witness that. Now he’s an accessory and it was almost time for her daughter to come home. As she stood thinking, she hadn’t noticed that her soon had gone into the bathroom until he screamed.

She walked in and looked at her son, hunched over her lying, cheating, no good dead husband’s body. Her heart began to break as she felt the pain in her son. She had no time to console him; they had to get rid of the bodies. She went back in the room to the woman and grabbed the blanket off her bed, lying it on the floor and rolling the woman up in it. She got some rope from top drawer of her husband’s dresser (they were very kinky, at least they used to be) and tied it around the woman’s upper and lower body. She dragged her down the stairs, to the garage and into her husband’s trunk.

She was not going down for this. She went back upstairs and her son was already putting clothes on his dad. He knew exactly what she was thinking. They carried him downstairs on the sheet from her bed and laid him in the backseat. Going back in to grab her purse and keys, her son drove her car and she drove her husband’s. Five miles away was a cliff. She knew they would be found sooner or later. Once parked, they put her husband in the driver’s seat. After wiping off the gun, she placed it in his hand, pulling the trigger, shooting him in his head wound (he had to look like he committed suicide).

Taking the woman out of the trunk, they clothed her and sat her in the passengers seat. She used the woman’s hands to make scratch marks on her husband’s neck and used his hands to make it seem as if he tried to choke her. Her son watched in pain, but he knew that this had to be done and there was no way around it. They got in her car and drove away. Back at the house, they cleaned and scrubbed and bleached, throwing all of the towels in a plastic bag she would later dispose of. She kissed and hugged her son tightly, knowing his pain. Now she had to figure out how she was going to explain this to her daughter.

Thank you for reading this short, twisted story!


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