My Grandmother’s Wedding

Yesterday my grandmother got married and she was the most beautiful bride. I am so happy for her. I ran the music for the wedding which was a tad stressful seeing as how I did not know I was until the day before. But it ended up running smoothly. It wasn’t too big or too small. It was short and sweet, also a little comical. I wasn’t able to take many pictures of the ceremony because I had to pay attention to the program to know when to switch CDs and songs. But the ones that I did get were beautiful. Take a look for yourself.

My mom was a bridesmaid (far left).

My mom (far right) and my two aunts.

My uncle (far left), my stepdad, my other uncle and the best man/groom’s brother (far right).

As you may be guessing, what did I eat at the reception. My grandmother is SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) and most in her religion do not consume any meat. SO the reception food was all vegan except for one dish, which of course was not on my plate and the cake, also not on my plate. They had BBQ tofu, seitan in gravy, mashed potatoes (no milk), “meatloaf” made with oats, peas and rolls. I even got a huge to-go container full of food. I was so full and satisfied. Of course my family ate the one dish that wasn’t vegan. They weren’t too big on the tofu or seitan; they’re meat eaters. I had hoped they would try, but no such luck lol.


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