Vegan Sweet Potato Pancakes

This recipe was inspired by Sweet Potato Soul, but I made it my own. I love to recreate other people’s recipes, but I also love to add my twist to it to make it more fitting for my taste.

This was an easy and quick recipe to make, with some adjustment. I had baked some sweet potatoes the day before and they were going to be for my lunch, but then I woke up this morning and wanted pancakes. Be advised that you don’t have to use the same flour I did, I am just accustomed to using garbanzo bean flour. I do also want to try spelt flour for this recipe and see which I like better.

Sweet potatoes are so versatile. I have really been digging them lately. I made black bean and sweet potato chili last week and it was amazing. I will be adding some more recipes to my repertoire with sweet potatoes. Stay tuned for that.

Now, what you all came here for:

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