Staying on Track in 2017

I set out to accomplish many things this year, as have many of you I’m sure. Staying the course of these goals can sometimes be quite difficult, depending on what kind of goals you have, and if they should be long- or short-term goals. Often times, we mistakenly set long-term goals as our short-term goals, causing us to fail quite often.

This year I set out to be more consistent with my videos and my blog. So far, I have done amazingly. What I did was set up a schedule that I can work with. I put out videos twice a week, Sundays and Wednesdays. Though I have not quite figured out a schedule for my blog posts, I have been posting at least once a week, even if it is the videos I produce.

When setting goals that you expect to achieve, set realistic goals so that you can meet your expectations and not be disappointed. For the last few years, I have made New Year’s resolutions and could have kicked myself for the ridiculous goals I set. I am going to spare myself the embarrassment and not list them, but I am sure you have been in my shoes, shoes too big to fit. Eyes bigger than my stomach. You get the picture.

When setting unrealistic goals, it should not come as a shock when you don’t achieve them. For example, when I was younger, I had this goal of being married and having the number of kids I wanted by the time I was 30. I am 28, single and childless. I am not saying that that was necessarily an unrealistic goal, but in a way, it was. Being married and having kids is not something that I can achieve solo dolo. It requires another willing participant.

What I did when setting my goals was came up with a plan, something that I knew was feasible and if I failed at it, it would be my own fault. I had this notion that I could post a video everyday and put out posts everyday, and this worked for quite a while last year (maybe like a month, lol) and then it became harder to stick to. Coming up with content everyday is hard in and of itself, for a blog and a video. It is also a lot of work. Hours go into a recipe video that is only 1-3 min. long.

This year, I told myself to limit my videos to twice a week and set them on certain days, that way I can actually film them in advance and they day they are set to be uploaded, I can just upload. With my blog, since I can schedule them for any day in the future, whenever I come up with content, I can write it and schedule it.

Sticking to this schedule makes it easier to manage along with my social media, books, writing, teaching, etc. Scheduling your things out can make a world of difference. Know what you can manage to do to be able to accomplish your goal(s). I have a planner also that helps me to schedule things out and do what I need to do.

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