Meal Prep Sunday

All of these meals were inspired by Kim at The Chic is Natural. Go check her out on her website, social media and YouTube.

First up I have vegan chili, made with Beyond Meat Fiesty Beefy Crumbles, corn and rotel, with some crackers. As a pre-lunch or -dinner, we have pomegranate salad with blood oranges. If you ever have raw fruits and vegetables as part of your meal, eat them first so it doesn’t mess up your digestion.

Next, we have chickpea salad, made with chickpeas, celery, red onions, mustard, chipotle Just Mayo, salt and pepper, inside of pita bread, with a side of jalapeño kettle chips, an apple and fruit leather.

Last, we have chipotle pasta salad made with chipotle Just Mayo, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper, with a side of spinach, strawberries and pumpkin seeds.

These are some amazing meal ideas and I am so glad that I stumbled across Kim’s YouTube. These were super easy to make and you don’t even need measurements.

Meal prepping is something I take pride in. Many days I get off work and don’t feel like cooking, therefore, I grab something quick. With meal prepping, I can have something already prepared and don’t have to wait for it to cook.

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