Get Out | Movie Review

I initially wanted to see this movie due to the fact that how it was advertised as a horror movie, and I am a huge fan of horror movies. What this movie really was, was the blatant truth that many people don’t want to admit. You know the ones who say, “I’ll believe it when I see it”? Those people. I will say that if you are not consciously aware, don’t know what your third eye is and don’t know how to open it, you will not like this movie, nor understand what the meaning is.

Black people go missing every second of everyday and are never found. It’s like they never existed. That is something people don’t talk about. According to a 2015 post on the NYT, 1.5 million black men are missing. A person can’t just disappear, not exist if you will. Something is happening to them. I am not naïve and think that all of these black men that go missing are being brainwashed and becoming slaves to white people. I am also not saying that that is not happening.

This movie starts with a black man walking down a white suburban street at night by himself. He gets abducted and no one hears from nor sees him again, until later in the movie. As the movie goes on, I start to realize that it was not the movie that I thought it was going to be at all. My third eye opened instantly after the black man and white woman got to the house.

There were a few things that stuck out to me that I think many people will miss. The fact that these other black people had clearly been reprogramed, and for the daughter to not know anything or just be completely oblivious, you have to be so consciously aware. It is the ploy that the white woman takes to trap and get into the heads of OUR black men, seducing them and acting submissive to get what they want.

This movie has such a deeper meaning than what is on the surface. Another example is at the dinner table when the brother starts talking about Chris’s genetic make up and DNA. During and since slavery, black men have been used to physically fight each other to the death. Because of their strength and build, they have such a great power in them. White people used and use this to their advantage to win bets, to win games (track, football, basketball). Black men are strong, fast and powerful and white people, especially white men, cannot stand nor understand that.

No matter how much my ancestors endured during slavery, they were strong and could withstand anything, which makes us a superior race. The guy at the beginning who got abducted, ended up being  a sex slave to an older white woman. Again, this goes back to slavery when white women used to seduce the black man and get them to have sex with them or they would tell their husbands or whomever that the Negro raped her. This still goes on today.

This movie showed a lot of manipulation and how white people have played a huge part in the mentality of us black people. You have these black men who get with these white women because they are made to think that these white women are superior and can take them places, along with the fact that these white women’s families have money. They procreate with black men to have children who are half black (though with a black man their genetic make up is greater than 50% black) and can become these athletes one day and make a lot of money and keep them rich.

Another thing about this movie, is how the mother played into Chris’s history with his mother and she hypnotized him without him even knowing. This shows how easily a white woman can weaken the black man. It’s funny because black men are so strong and almighty with the black woman, but when it comes to the white women, they are weak-minded and knocked off their high horse. And you can see a lot of the weak-mindedness exhibited in this movie. It’s always the case where a black man grows up with no father, a single mother or she dies and he is raised by a relative, which is setup by white supremacy to make us think that we need white people in order to survive.

You have this black man who comes home with his white girlfriend whose parent’s are still married and living in the same house. That is not something you see too often in the black community, so of course he is going to want to be apart of what he thinks is a family. Despite the fact that she told him that she had not told her family he was black, should have been a red flag. Many cases these white women set these black men up to either be shot, manipulated or exploited.

At the end you have one of the black men they reprogrammed and gave him the attributes of the girl’s grandfather, and once he snapped out of the hypnosis, he shot himself. My brother made me realize that he shot himself to free himself because there’s no telling how long he had been missing and he may not even know how to live his life. The maidservant was given the attributes of the grandmother. This happened because of the fact that black people tend to not age. We grow finer like wine. It was a way for the grandparents to live on. White people don’t age too well and I assumed that the grandparents had died.

The main thing that was really just in your face was the whole point of the way white people act when they get around black people. At the dinner part there were so many stereotypes from black men being athletic, and black is in and how black men have big dicks. You have so many white people  who say they voted for Barack Obama and they start name dropping black celebrities they like. That doesn’t make a white person not racist.

Another sen was when he went upstairs and and they guests stop talking and follow his footsteps. That in itself was just very obvious and suspicious. Honestly if you watch this movie and don’t pick up on any of these things. Another thing was the bingo game it was an auction to auction off Chris like slave masters did to auction off black slaves.

Our genetics are something to be jealous of simply because of the fact that we can layout in the sun and not burn, our hair defies gravity, we are athletic, strong, smart, don’t age and procreate like no one’s business. We are highly sought after and with the thousands of black men who go missing everyday, it makes you think that, this movie was not made by mistake.

The crazy part about it is that this movie shows the explicit truth in front of your face and I know many people won’t see it. There were no subliminal messages. It was all laid out. I highly suggest going to see this movie. The biggest message as that you black men need to stop messing with “others” and stick with your own.


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