Underground: Season 2, Episode 1 (Recap)

I am so excited that Underground is back. It has easily become one of my favorite shows since the first episode. Last season we left off with Rosalee still running and trying to find Noah. Aisha Hinds plays Harriett and I have been waiting to see episodes with her. I loved her in Hawthorne and True Blood.

Rosalee now has the help of a few other women who are against slavery. The scene where they were all shooting guns, including black women who were not slaves, was everything. It was not as epic as when they banded together to save Noah from being hung. With their collaborative efforts, their plan still had some holes in it, as Noah gets captured again.

Now Rosalee and Harriett spend sometime bonding as Harriett weighs Rosalee’s options, giving her sound reasons as to why she should go back and see her family. Speaking of her family, her mother is having issues of her own, self medicating with some kind of drug she pours into a towel and gets high off of the smell. She ends up sleeping with a black man (y’all don’t know how happy that made me that she no longer is sleeping with white men) and he is abusive. His abuse seems to be what is still happening today. Black men are being beat down by the white man still and taking it out on black women, a cycle that will continuously repeat itself.

Earnestine is still seeing Pearly Mae, who she killed last season. Pearly mae tells her, “If you were strong, you would just do it,” meaning that instead of just sniffing some hallucinogenic, she should just kill herself already instead of feeling sorry for herself. She also told Earnestine “death follows you.” Her monologue was epic in this scene and very relevant, given today’s time that black women deal with so much death around them (brothers, husbands, uncles) by the hands of the white men and we start losing our minds, turning to sex, drugs and alcohol.

John Hawkes and his wife have been helping RosaLee and trying to get Noah into their custody. John goes to a hearing where the judge denies him to even present his motion to have Noah be handed over to him, going against the law. John and his wife go down to put his name on the ballot for the open seat. As they walk out of the court house, I knew immediately that he was going to be shot, but not in the brutal manner that he was. They are seen happy and holding hands. A man on a horse calls his name, they both look and the man shoots John in the head, rides off as John’s dying body tumbles down the courthouse steps, ending the episode.

Catch me next week for the recap of episode 2. You can catch Underground every Wednesday at 10/9c on WGN.

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