It’s Okay to be Uncertain…Just Don’t Stay There

Uncertainty seems to be the bulk of my stress and worries.

Where will I be next year? Am I making the right decisions for my future? Will I be a bestselling author by the end of the year? Will I ever fall in love and have kids? How much longer will I be single? Will I be in debt for the rest of my life?

All of these things rack my brain multiple times a day, and that stresses me out even more. It’s like damn, can I catch a break? I know we all have our own questions of uncertainty. Maybe yours is, will you be a great parent, or will you be good at this new job. I am here to say, it is okay to be uncertain.

I think we get into this notion that being uncertain means being negative about something or standing in the way of your own blessings coming into fruition. It’s actually neither of those things. No one person knows absolutely everything that is going to happen to them in the future. If they did, they could see everyone else’s future and would come into a lot of money.

Worrying causes stress and stress causes a whole set of other health related issues. I’m saying it is okay to be uncertain, just don’t stay there. Write everything down that you are uncertain about and leave it all on that paper. Burn it, hide it somewhere, put it in a bible (for my religious people), whatever you need to do to that paper, do it.

Let me tell you a story about me the beginning of last year. I was stressed out, so stressed out to the point that I was always tired, had headaches, complained about everything. Yes, I was that person. I had so much debt with my bank, I owed the IRS, I was living paycheck to paycheck, I was living at home, I wasn’t able to do things that I wanted to do, I cried almost every night. I was so stressed and unhappy, I got the flu for the first time ever in my life (could’ve been from the students, but seeing as how I’ve never had it, I’ll just blame it on the stress, lol).
When I went on the interview and got the job for the school I work for now, things began looking up. I paid off the IRS, I paid off a debt from my bank, I got my first apartment, I am no longer living paycheck to paycheck, and I can finally breathe. Am I happy? Sort of. Am I stressed? Not like I was. Will it get better? Most definitely.

You have to stop waiting for things to just fall into place and make them happen. I am still learning this, for I still have uncertainties. I can not control the future, but I can do my part to make sure that it is a great one and so can you.

I am not saying my life is perfect and everything I want to happen has happened. Hell it took me FIVE YEARS after graduating college to secure a real career. I can’t tell you how many jobs I went through in the past six years before landing my current one, and I also won’t bore you with those details.

My point is, uncertainty is a part of life. Being unsure about something is okay, just don’t continue to stress about it and miss all of the moments passing you by. I know for sure that my purpose in life is to be an author and educate people on nutrition and living a healthier lifestyle, hence the name change of this blog.

What are some things that you are uncertain about? Let’s start a discussion and help each other out.


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