Underground: Season 2, Ep. 2, “Things Unsaid” Recap *SPOILERS*

We start off with the guy from last week who was teaching himself to read. He was sounding out the word “soldier.” We see him come in and write something on a piece of paper for his wife. Her facial expression changes quickly when she realizes that he’s learning to read, which we all know that it was against the law for slaves to read. He wrote the word love and gave it to her. She tears the piece of paper into pieces, though she was happy he was learning to read. She says, “…this could get us killed.” To me it signifies that sometimes when there is black male progression, a black female can tear him down. When a black woman sees a man who is struggling but also ambitious and is trying, she still tends to hold him back and have doubt about how his progression can possibly change their future, playing into the saying that “a black woman is never satisfied.”

Next we go to where we left off on the last episode, the steps of the courthouse where John Hawkes was murdered. We see his wife just sitting there, in shock, as others are just walking around her not caring. We see her later on sitting out front of the courthouse on a bench as she explains to the woman who has been helping her, how she used to sit on that bench waiting for John to get out of court and how he poured his whole life into that place because of what he believed in and that he wanted to make a change, yet no one seems to care, almost as if they didn’t bat an eye when he was murdered. That goes to day how some white people will stand for black people and be shunned by their own.

Rosalee is trying to get to the station to steal her mother and brother with the help of Harriett. Little does she know that her mother, Earnestine, is not where she last saw her. The person she sends them to, she is being held at gun point when she answers the door. Rosalee knew something was up and ran before she got shot.

Earnestine is still on the hallucinogenic and continues to be with the man who hit her a couple of times on the last episode. As she was working in the fields, and there was one white man watching them, it brought me to a conversation I was having with a friend. All these slaves and 1-3 white men watching them. Why didn’t they ever think to overthrow them? Y’all outnumber them by so many. Rebel. It’s also how I feel about being a teacher. As children, they don’t understand how that there are 22 of them and only 1 of me, yet I still am the authoritarian only as 1 person.

Then we see Earnestine’s only husband, Sam’s father, now who both are dead. My fave part in this episode is when Sam’s father told her, “You love them so much, you opened your legs whenever the masa called to protect them. Kill for them. You loved your children so much, that after James, you made sho’ that you couldn’t have no mo’. Your children is the worst thing that could’ve ever happened to you and here you are, picking berries for that girl and her baby.” Then the girl loses her baby.

Noah is in the woods on a pit stop to, as the white man said “piss and shake”. Noah somehow gets the carriage to break away from the horses. He takes off running in the woods, and yet again, he gets captured, this time by some Irish men. He just has no luck, whatsoever, and it’s getting a bit annoying that he can stay so cocky, though I know there’s a reason behind that.

But then we get to the gravy of it all. Oh the savory gravy. This whole time, Noah has been running and getting captured, he was being taken to the coon of all coons, Cato, who is now a masa of white men. I was shocked but not surprised. I knew eventually he would turn up, though not in that way.

Last, we see Rosalee standing on the dock as the boat leaves with the three slave men she helped escape, and then gets shot by Addy, “the notorious slave catcher.” She falls into the water and then we get to a scene of Rosalee coming out of the water, a gun shot wound and very pregnant.

Oh, how I cannot wait until next week!

Catch Underground on WGN Wednesdays at 10/9c. Watch for my post next week on episode 3.



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