My Favorite Instagrammers Part 1

I follow quite a few people on IG but only a few have pages that I really love. I am in the process of molding and shaping my Instagram into where I will only post 1-3 times a week and only certain types of things. So enough of that. Let’s get into these Instagrammers.

@chakabars: his Instagram is full of inspirational posts and his love for Black women. He has done so much good work in Africa and he is extremely fit. What I like most about his IG is that it gives me hope that I can make a difference in the world. Also, the fruit he eats and the amount of fruit he eats, I really need to step my game up.

@shinewithplants: I found her page through the above page and let me just say, when you first go to her page, instant rainbow. Her page is so colorful, full of vibrant fruits and vegetables. An abundance of colors, almost like looking into the sun, in a good way. I am so inspired now to consume even more fruit and have fruit for meals. I really want to get into an 80% raw lifestyle.

@gorjusshan: What can I say about her page? More so what can I not say? She is a soulful person, so relaxed and chill, almost hippie like. She loves her crystals, yoga and writing, much like myself. The vibes she gives off are so positive and infectious. Her page makes me want to practice more yoga.

@glographics: She is my all time inspiration when it comes to raveling. Soon after college she bought a one-way ticket to Europe and hasn’t looked back. She has been to so many countries, many within the past year. I live through her Instagram and her videos. She seems to be so blissfully happy and I can’t wait until I start doing the same. In fact, I am getting my passport renewed next month.

@oneikatraveller: Like the above traveler, Oneika does a lot of traveling and I too live through her page and see her as a huge inspiration. Though she is married, she has talked about the importance of traveling by yourself as a woman and having that “me time”.

These are just a few of my faves and I will be doing more posts just to give you all some people to follow.

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