Detox Day 1

Morning: When I woke up, I began drinking my first juice, taking my chlorella and spirulina tablets. I got an instant boost of energy. My juice contained kale, spinach, Swiss chard, rutabaga, cucumbers, apples, moringa, and black walnut oil. I had had a bowel movement before drinking the juice. I drank it throughout getting ready, on the way to work and the first part of the morning. I experienced extreme detox symptoms in the form of several vowel movements throughout the morning. I picked a great day to start because I’m ovulating. Normally when I ovulate, I experience symptoms as when I am on my period, which is bowel movements, so my body was already going to clean itself out, the juice just added to it. I did not experience any hunger pains. During this time I also drank half a gallon of water. Water is super important to drink in between juices when fasting.

Afternoon: For lunch, I had another juice and some more chlorella and spirulina tablets. I had a lot of energy today, more than usual. After work I went by the grocery store and got some more produce. When I got in the car, that’s when hunger hit me like a ton of bricks. I drank some water until I got home. 

Evening: I made more juices for the next couple of days. I drank another juice and water. The hunger subsided. All in all, today was pretty damn rough especially with the detox this morning. I’m hoping tomorrow goes better as far as the detox. I was happy that I didn’t get as hungry as I thought I would’ve been. I was around food all day and a couple times wanted to cave but then I thought back to my reason for doing this. I’ve been vegan for over three years and have not done a proper cleanse. Though this cleanse is only 5 days, I know my body needs it. 


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